The Salon

The Salon is a creative laboratory where we explore the interface between creativity, life and mystery.  

We use the arts as the medium of inquiry, exploration and realization. Not only supporting the flow of creativity, but learning how to use the arts as an vehicle for insight and guidance into the mysteries of living. Because we're playing in the art/poetry/dream zone, it's meditative, therapeutic and often quite profound, without being heavy.

And we always come away with a wonderful work of art or writing, that acts as a talisman, for what we are exploring.  The Salon is a way to have on-going support for the creative ground, that is so often hard to sustain on one's own.  It can also act as a forum to share works in progress or to explore issues concerning the creative process in general.

The group meets once a month, for three and half hours, in a three month series, like a class.  At the end of each series we schedule the next one. The fee is $250.00, per series, and is paid in advance. Once you've committed to a series there is no refund, if you have to miss a session (like a class).  This keeps the group stable and encourages everyone to show up if resistance arises.    

For more information, contact me