These ideas are tiny viruses designed to confuse and undermine the inner critic.
Little gizmos for unplugging the thinking mind.

1.  It's none of your business what you paint.

2.  Nobody's watching. There is no tribunal of judges out there evaluating you.

3.  Your enemy is the inner critic, the incessant internal dialogue of comparative judgment.

4.  Your inner critic is a blind survival machine. It doesn't know anything about art.

5.  Art happens where the vertical and the horizontal dimensions meet.

6.  Art is timeless.

7.  Art can't happen if your "doer" is in the way.

8.  We are assistants to the master artist. We prepare the paint, and then step aside.

9.  Paint like a child. They have natural instincts for color and design.

10.  Art is sacred ground. The meeting of form and formlessness.

11.  We don't really see the world. We see through a filter of name and function.

12. What makes art work, makes life work. We are not the engine of art or life.

13.  Art is a mirror for your life. What blocks your art, also blocks your life.

14.  Follow the brush. It knows much better where to go, than you know where to put it.

15.  When you are stuck, close your eyes and jump. Let the brush take over.

16.  In art, you must be willing to make a mess and waste paper.

17.  It is better to not know what you are doing.

18.  If you know what you're doing, you've done it before. Creativity arises from the unknown.

19. Creativity is a mystery. We are a mystery. We aren't meant to know.

20.  Just because it doesn't make sense to your mind, doesn't mean it doesn't make sense to your soul.

21. Art is a form of lovemaking.