Art & Soul

The creative impulse springs from the deepest part of us.  It is the seat of our genius and authenticity. Once ignited, there is a longing to give it expression.  In a light hearted atmosphere and in the spirit of play, art can find it's natural groove, and take us on an exciting journey, relieving us of stress and liberating us from the worries of the work-a-day world.  A great escape....into life!

Through playful exercises in drawing, painting, sumi brush and ink, and mixed media, you will learn how to live and create more artfully; with trust, spontaneity, joy and feeling. Great for beginners or seasoned artists desiring more soul in their work.  No prerequisite.  

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The Writers Buffet

Unlock your natural literary voice, in a variety of writing styles and media, and see what it has to say, and how it wants to say it! You will be surprised.  We all have a spark of native genius.  We sense it deep inside us, and long to give it expression.  The task of the artist or writer is to connect with it, to bring it forth, and give it voice.  It is this natural, authentic voice that connects, in it's depth, to the collective experience - which is the goal and thrill of writing.

In this class we take an improvisational approach to the writing process, in a safe and playful atmosphere, where immediacy, and spontaneity are IN...and the inner critic is OUT!  Here, we learn the subtle knack of being out of the way, yet fully engaged, which is the alchemy of creativity. No experience or special talent necessary.  That, will emerge all by itself!  

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IN SEARCH OF THE MUSE:  from inspiration to canvas

This class is dedicated to the muse and the nature of inspiration.  We are inspired to create art by art itself.  Art that we love, quickens the soul, and the artists that create it, are agents of our muse.  Art that we love gives us a powerful clue to our own aesthetic. It is a mirror, and can guide us toward deeper contact with own inner aesthetic landscape. A landscape and language that we share with the artists that we love. They, and we, are part of the same creative family.

Painting, drawing, mixed media and art appreciation in a playful, non-critical environment.  We will experiment with the art that we love and play with exercises that are designed to open us to the muse.

No experience necessary. 

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Beginner's Brush

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."  Shunryu Suzuki"

Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"  Pablo Picasso

At the beginning of any endeavor there is a natural innocence, freshness, and availability. The beginner is not yet patterned by habit or experience.  There is an open "not knowing", that when understood and supported, can be a great asset to the art-making process. 

This class introduces the student to a variety of new media and materials while cultivating the beginner's attitude.  Classes in drawing, painting, sumi brush and ink, mixed media and art play in a critic-free environment.   Great for the beginner or the seasoned artist beginning again. No pre-requisite. Materials included for Pratt Fine Arts Center.  

Check out Pratt Fine Arts Center website for availability. 

ART RX: art for what ails you

Get off those computers and visit your right brain!  We're starting to float off in cyberworld.  Come back to earth through art.

Art and life mirror each other. What blocks the creative process also blocks the art of living fully. In learning the subtle knack of allowing art and life to flow by itself without meddling and interference, the student is greatly relieved of self-consciousness and performance anxiety which ails us profoundly in life. Great therapy for the starving artist and free spirit in us all.

Playful exercises in drawing, painting, poetry, mixed media, personal inquiry and more. A safe place where the inner critic and it's incessant comparative judgement is not invited.  

Check out either the Pratt Fine Arts Center or Bellevue College websites for availability.

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