Private Instruction

The studio isn't simply a physical space, it is a state of mind. It is an open-ended laboratory where anything can happen. A mysterious cooking pot, a chemistry set, an altar.  Reorienting the conventional mind, toward inquiry and the studio-mind, can free your life and open the floodgates of creativity.

Old structures of the personality can freeze our lives and our creativity into known, habitual forms. It can squeeze limits onto the wild nature of creativity, or kill it, right on the spot.  In our efforts to control the pathways to creativity can slam shut.  Then we are confronted with creative blocks, brought about by seriousness: unrealistic expectations, attachment to outcome, an over-identification with the fruits of creativity and a loss of connection to the creative process. Add to this the pushy demands and accusations of the inner critic and the situation can indeed become critical!

Here, gentle support, perceptive investigation, an appreciation for absurdity and paradox, and playful, imaginative art play can disengage the inner critic and allow creative juices to flow, giving confidence and inspiration to the beginner and relief to the more seasoned artist.

Vedika will accompany you, in your little boat, through the mysterious terrain of your creative process, and your life, which is a creative as a work in progress, giving subtle direction and occasionally commenting on the scenery.

60 minute session - $90.00 (cheaper than therapy!)

For information, contact me.